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Welcome to the Science & Technology Department

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is a Dutch governmental organization that operates a network of liaissons, stationed at Dutch embassies, consulates and trade offices around the world. Its mission is to promote “economic diplomacy” in the field of technology, science and innovation. It is also the point-of-contact in Taiwan for any Dutch company or organization active in the field of research, development, science and technology.

initiating exchange

The RVO provides liaison services and matchmaking opportunities for international cooperation in research and development between commercial companies, educational institutions and governmental organizations.

identifying new trends

By keeping a firm eye on the latest developments in science and technology, the RVO actively seeks out meaningful new developments, and assesses their relevance to future markets.

stimulating cooperation

Our science and technology officers are experts at finding opportunities for shared innovation and international R&D cooperation across national and institutional borders.

evaluating government policies

We continuously monitor government policies in Taiwan with regards to technology, science and innovation, and assess their relevance to international investors and cooperators.

providing consultancy

The RVO network offers strategic knowledge to facilitate the acquisition of foreign investments in science and technology.


In 2011, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Department of Industrial Technology (DOIT) in Taiwan signed an agreement to stimulate and facilitate cooperation in the field of science and technology, with an emphasis on the key sectors High Tech Systems en Materials (HTSM), Lifestyle, Sciences en Health (LSH) and Energy.

This MOU has put The Netherlands firmly in the sights of Taiwanese research establishments and leading industries, and has created an industry-wide awareness of Holland as a strategic partner in research and development.


Energy and Climate

People. Planet. Profit. Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports Dutch and international entrepreneurs and researchers in developing sustainable projects related to energy and climate and the environment.

Innovative Enterprise

The Netherlands is home to some of the most innovative enterprises on the globe, such as Philips, TomTom and Layar, and some of the most internationally renowned knowledge institutes, such as TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and Wageningen University.

New Materials, New Science

The technology of the future focuses on embedded systems, photonics, advanced materials, ICT research, mechatronics, medical technology, microelectronics, nanotechnology, sensor technology, and fluid dynamics


The European Union and the European Commission are promoting cooperation with Taiwan through several incentives, including the upcoming Horizon 2020-program. Taiwan has been designated as one of the eligible participants, and the RVO in Taiwan is actively positioning The Netherlands as the gateway to these European incentives and programs. In addition, the European Research Council also offers opportunities for Taiwanese researchers to obtain funding and support.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international business, and aims to make it easier to do business using smart organisation and digital communication. The Agency works in The Netherlands and abroad with governments, knowledge centres, international organisations and countless other partners. For more information, please visit the official website of the RVO.